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On patrol, we found this car that was reported stolen this morning, a blue Tesla. We pursued the vehicle and pulled it over. We saw that the person driving it was a white woman, who began harassing us because she said that she was the mayor’s daughter and that she did not want to be bothered by us. We tried several time to get her identification, but she refused but once dispatch confirmed that that was the stolen vehicle we made an arrest. She resisted arrest but we got her into the squad car. Then me and my partner took her back to the precinct and interrogated her. She had a long arrest record, but because of her father she would get away with it. Well not this time, we gave her the option of choosing the Hard way or the Easy way and she said she’d go the easy way. So me and my partner took her to the roof and we took turns fucking her pussy and her mouth. The little white bitch got what she deserved some black justice for a white slut.

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Anina Silk creampie

When I met cute little 18yr old Natasha, she was just under 5.0 feet. A tiny cute little teen with and amazing cute little breast and peachy ass. She is a cutie from England. To be honest at the begining of the video you can see from her body language she was a bit reluctant. Al that soon changed once my thick fat black cock got hold of her. Fucking her mercilessly to creampie. As a matter of fact I deposited 2 lots of creampie in her. first one was accidental at aound 8.52 play time. You can see me squeezing my face to try and send the cum back to my balls but it all fruitless effort. Unfortunately the camera didn’t capture this first cumshot so I continue to fuck her to a SECOND CREAMPIE.

Anina Silk creampie

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